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The Recipe Box

Money In Your Tea is primarily a personal finance blog. Why do I also publish free recipes? The three biggest expenses for almost every household are housing, food, and transportation. You can save big money by changing your housing situation – move to a cheaper house or apartment, for instance. But those changes are difficult. You may be locked into a lease or mortgage. And the move is costly too. Transportation can also be an infrequent expense to change. Once you’ve bought a car, you don’t change it for years. But learning to cook budget friendly meals at home can impact your expenses right away, and it’s fun and easy too!

I will keep adding new free recipes to this page on a regular basis, so keep checking back or subscribe to my newsletter!

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What you can Expect Here

I’m not a fancy food blogger, nor an expert food photographer. Here you’ll get to dive right into each of the free recipes without dozens of superfluous photos of every minor step in the process. You know what I mean, don’t you! You just want to see the recipe, but you have to scroll forever to find it! Not here, my friends.

Free Menu Planning Printable

Boost your food budget savings even more with my free menu planning printable! Read all about it. Or get it straight to your inbox now.


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